Mikael Kuitunen

The effect of probiotics on the onset of allergy being discovered

Docent Mikael Kuitunen’s study group examines the development of allergic diseases and recovering from them. Can probiotics be used to prevent the incidence of allergies? Do probiotics have an effect on the treatment of allergic diseases?

Allergic and autoimmune diseases have significantly increased over the last decades, and the increase in these diseases has been associated with the decreased microbiota load in early childhood.

Mikael Kuitunen’s research group was established in 1999. The group aims to establish whether a probiotic intervention before, during and immediately after birth reduces the incidence of allergies and whether probiotics accelerate recovery from allergies.

Researchers aim to establish what long-term effect the administration of probiotics will have on the incidence of allergies. In addition, information will be received on whether probiotic interventions are linked to the development of intestinal microbiota and to the onset of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

– Based on the results obtained so far, probiotic interventions reduced the incidence of atopic dermatitis by 25–30% by the age of 2 years. We are looking forward to further studies on microbiota in this research material, Mikael Kuitunen says.

It has been particularly inspiring to collaborate with different research groups and to follow the expansion of allergy research to new areas of pediatrics.

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Mikael Kuitunen
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